Afire is the second single by the German singer/songwriter Aquapax, whose first song „Fields of Grain“ was nominated for the German Songwriting Awards.

The song is a hymn to the power that is rooted in every human being but is forgotten. It lights up as soon as people remember. The unbelievable becomes possible.

Aquapax stages his second single with a mixture of orchestral and acoustic band sounds. Dreamy and flowing at the beginning, it develops tremendous energy in the second half, caused by the increase in dynamics and tempo as well as the trembling of the kick drum. Until the end, the permanent increase in tension provides new impulses and keeps the listener in suspense.

The basis of the single is the acoustic guitar, which introduces and ends the song with a melodic and catchy riff. Thanks to the great performance of Furkan Gülüs, the sound of the guitar is always in focus and is expanded by an extensive instrumentation [vibraphone, brass, strings]. With Afire, Aquapax has created an original work whose diversity makes it almost impossible to be labeled as a specific genre.

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