Fields of Grain


Aquapax releases his new single „Fields of Grain“ in remembrance of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago.

The German singer-songwriter Aquapax will release an acoustic-pop reinterpretation of his folk single „Fields of Grain“ on February 24, 2024, precisely two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The song is characterized by a gentle and melancholic atmosphere while simultaneously aiming to convey an uplifting message.

The release date was deliberately chosen to acknowledge the events of two years ago and the ten years of war overall, providing an artistic response. „Fields of Grain“ reflects the destruction and suffering of war while also serving as a sign of solidarity. The courage of the Ukrainians, who not only fight for their country but in doing so also protect Europe, should not be forgotten.

Aquapax explains, „Music has the power to build bridges and convey emotions that are often difficult to put into words. With ‚Fields of Grain,‘ I want to contribute to raising awareness of current events and creating positive energy for a more peaceful future.“

„Fields of Grain“ unfolds a unique sonic landscape, influenced by Aquapax’s sensitive vocals and peaceful guitar playing. The melody, marked by subtle harmonies, conveys a deep emotional resonance, while the lyrics tell a story of fear, sorrow, and resistance.

The single will be available on all streaming platforms starting February 24, 2024, inviting listeners to tune in and reflect with love on those who tirelessly fight for something that means a lot to them.

Aquapax’s „Fields of Grain“ represents more than just music – it is an artistic statement for community and unity.

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