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You is the third single by the German singer/songwriter Aquapax, with which he ventures into new, expressive moods.

With his original and creative music, Aquapax brings a breath of fresh air to the pop scene. The Münster artist is a true all-rounder: He is not only responsible for writing and composing his songs, but also for the production. For the professional fine-tuning, Furkan Gülüs takes care of mixing and mastering his songs.

Aquapax uses a diverse instrumental palette of drums, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, brass and electric bass. His English-language songs are sometimes cheerful, sometimes profound or melancholic, but always innovative and inspiring.

On September 8, 2023, his current single “You” was released on all relevant music streaming platforms.
The song describes how one perceives oneself in different roles and feels an inner conflict between different impulses. It is meant to encourage one to trust oneself and follow one’s own intuition. The song will be presented on the same day on the radio station Antenne Münster.

Aquapax has more music in store: Starting now, more singles will be released every month. They are similar to “You” in genre and instrumentation, but bring a great and new variety of moods and compositional elements. He wants to show his musical range and establish the art-pop sound of his music in the ears of the listeners.

The artist name Aquapax is composed of the terms water and peace. For the musician, water symbolizes life, healing, adaptability and flow. Peace is for him the vision that he pursues with his music. He wants to put his listeners in this mood with his music and refresh and uplift them.

Accompanied by the guitar or the backing track, Aquapax sings his songs with enthusiasm for young and old. For the future, he hopes for the collaboration with other musicians who will bring his musical ideas live on stage with him.

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