School Trouble


The emerging artist Aquapax from Münster, Germany, is releasing his fourth single, „School Trouble,“ a sonic journey through school-time memories. 

In this latest release, the 27-year-old singer/songwriter offers a humorous glimpse into his school-time troubles, playfully embellishing the challenges he faced with teachers, classmates, and grades. Yet, ultimately, „School Trouble“ also reveals how he overcame these obstacles.

Aquapax, who wrote and produced the single himself, employs a unique instrumentation to convey the complexity of his musical vision. The sounds of the E-bass, drums, vibraphone, brass instruments, and acoustic guitar blend into a captivating auditory tapestry that artfully bridges the realms of Acoustic-Pop and Art-Pop.

The song „School Trouble“ invites listeners to immerse themselves in Aquapax’s thoughts while simultaneously reflecting on their own school-time memories. The evocative lyrics and compelling melody make this song an experience that lingers in the ears.

Furkan Gülüs is responsible for the professional sound quality of „School Trouble,“ having mixed and mastered the single. The result is a flawless sound that perfectly captures the emotions and message of the song.

In addition to his ongoing musical endeavors, Aquapax is currently seeking band members to bring his music to the stage with a lush and spirited instrumentation that aims to captivate and enthuse the audience.

With a monthly release strategy, he aims to consistently provide his fans with fresh music and keep his artistic journey exciting. Aquapax has proven that he is not only a talent in the music scene but also an artist who encapsulates his own experiences and emotions in each of his pieces.

Having already accumulated local attention with his previous singles, „Afire“ and „You,“ „School Trouble“ will undoubtedly mark another milestone in his career. Fans of acoustic pop sounds characterized by originality and catchiness can look forward to this release.

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